FREE Weight Distribution Trailer Hitch for Limited Time

Dec 1, 2018 | News & Announcements

1st Choice Trailers Customers Receive SwayPro Hitch through Dec. 31


Through December 31, 2018 1st Choice Trailers customers who purchase a new RV or select used RV will receive a SwayPro® weight distribution trailer hitch at no additional cost. Contact 1st Choice Trailers for (316) 550-6244 restrictions and more information.

From the manufacturer: “The SwayPro™ is a revolutionary hitch that not only handles weight distribution but sway prevention as well by using the combination of loaded spring bars, easy to use rotating latches and an integrated hitch head. As the trailer tries to sway it puts a heavier load on one side of the bars, as this happens the spring bars will pivot on the hitch head and balance each other preventing the trailer from swaying. The SwayPro™ will also conquer weight distribution at the same time, putting more weight on the towing vehicles front tires which increases steering control and braking giving you a safer and easier driving experience.”

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